Let's face it. We've all had bad relationships.

Non committal partners making false promises and not showing up when you need them most.
Misunderstandings that lead to lengthy disagreements and before you know it, your time is spent ironing out problems.
Those tiny paper cuts that after a while leave unforgotten scars.
But one thing is for sure.
You know the signs and you'll never make the same mistake twice.
The funny thing is, we've heard the same stories about developers.
Despite all the promises that are made or how attractive their sales pitch sounds,
at the end of the day your requirements didn't meet their abilities.

And when that happens..

It's time to start dating again.

Having been burned before, first and foremost you want to
a) minimize any risk
b) have an absolute guarantee you'll get exactly what you need - before you pay any money!
That's why we like to tread lightly and not ask for too much up front. 
We're in it for the long term and we'll be as committed as you are.
We share your risk.
Most developers have a fixed price and require large payments as their motivation to finish the project. The developer wants to finish the job to get paid, and the client squeezes as much out of them as they can before the developer leaves.
This engenders uncertainty, tension and quite frankly makes us nervous. And it probably makes you nervous too.
Our number one motivation is to get your system working well. Infact, we're not going anywhere until it does. We're in it for the long haul, therefore, we only ask for low upfront costs, and low monthly payments and you're never locked into big contracts. So really, there is nothing to lose.
And unlike your last developer, we'll be so good that you'll recommend us to all your friends.

Our difference at a glance;

  • Affordable Monthly Fees
  • Low Upfront Costs
  • Low Risk Guarantee