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Developing the Right Systems

Every company has a system, whether it suits your company or not is often a matter of historical decisions. These decisions were probably great decisions at the time, but now the systems are not suited to the company and the times.
Taking what's great out of your current system and making it into something even better is just what we do. 
We're ready to discuss this with you and make your life easier.

Thoroughly built websites with every detail accounted for.

We offer a complete website design service, specialising in Content Management Systems (CMS), this give you the ability to update and add page, products and information without having to consult with us, thus saving you money over the long term.

Our designers will take your concept and turn it into a thing of beauty, while we design the structural aspects of your site, so that the site flow is logical and intuitive. The combination of design and function ensures your website will produce the results you are after.

Our site analysis will determine the goals you are after and make sure they are measurable and achievable. We use a variety of statistically packages, including Google AnalyticsChartbeat and Stuffed Tracker, depending on the needs. This will ensure that any future changes to your site are based on real information and not guess work. We are then able to quantify the results of any significant changes.

All of our sites are designed around solid SEO principles, so you won't have to pay extra, after the site is running to get the site ranking and you save on running Adwords campaigns.

We can also do a complete overhaul of your current website to target the results you're after, sometimes it requires minor adjustments on the front page, through to major content and structural changes, these can be done with your existing system and is quoted for upfront on a fixed price basis. The clients we've done this for have noticed immediate affects, and a more focused approach to their online business.

All you need to do is to Contact Us to arrange a free initial consultation and quote.




SEO is not always about ranking #1

We are specialists in Search Engine Optimisation, whether you require us to build a site with SEO specific goals, or you require us to enhance or report on your current site.

Our results speak for themselves, the rankings of the keyword and sites below have added thousands of dollars in revenue for the sites we have worked with.

We only choose to rank words that will add value to the site, it's relatively easy to achieve top 5 rankings for a word, however, it's the value of the keyword that we are interested in.

Ranking a site at #1 may make us feel good inside, but unless it generates real revenue, then we consider that our job has not been done.

Some of the important valuable keywords we have achieved significant value rankings are:

This is just a small example of the kind of results we can achieve, valuable key words that add to the clients revenue. This keywords are identified prior to commencement and we give realistic appraisal of how achievable the results will be. Over time we monitor and adjust to achieve the type of results we have committed to.

So Contact Us and we'll show you what your business can achieve.

A consultant is someone who saves you almost enough money to pay their fees.

Ok, so I've got your attention, and yes, consultants do have a relatively poor reputation for making relatively obvious recommendations.

We're not talking about that kind of consulting, We're talking about meaningful, valuable experience that can assist in managing or creating decisions that affect your business. 

Not everyone needs a specially designed system, but you do need the right one, and sure you can Google all you want, but it only give a shallow insight into a very complex considerations. 

We've consulted to major firms such as Nortel Networks, Thompsons Publishing, Salmat Distributions and many others. They didn't always like what we said, but they did like that we said it.


Services Overview:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • System Development
  • Business/Online Strategy
  • Web Design/Development