BlueScope Steel

We developed the worlds best practise warehouse system for BlueScope steel. It ran their main spare parts warehouse from 1992 until 2005.

The system was a complete Radio Frequency barcoded system with stock accuracy of 99.96%, up from 60% from when the system was first developed.

This allowed BlueScope to more tightly control their stock levels due to unheard of accuracy (it took 5 years for the audittor to believe it).

Their spare part stock levels when from over $200M to less that $60M with a stocktake variance of around $5K. 

This is what a well designed, fully integrated system can do. An yes we maintained and developed that system, until SAP made their way down to the warehouse and the system was reluctantly (by the staff) turned off.

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System Features Include:

  • Stock Receipts/Despatch
  • Radio Frequency Barcoding
  • 24/7 Mission Critical Operations

BlueScope Steel